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Effective and gentle

Lifting unit
PRh-lifting unit:
Equipped with tangentially oscillating shares and hydraulic stone protection. The impact pressure of the stone protection is electronically set from the operator in cab terminal.

Fig. 2.1. Automated cutting depth
ensures accurately topped sugar beets.

Owing to its optimal positioning, the sensor depth wheels tackles weed growth ahead of the lifting shares. Weed and leaf is pressed down before the shares cut through it. Sensor depth wheels (with a 900 mm diameter) ensure optimal distance to the soil surface.

The speed of the oscillating shares drive is adjustable during operation. The oscillating shares are driven by a spur gear mechanism. The bearing box is equipped with high quality, adjustable roller bearings. By adjusting the roller bearings (every 1000 – 2000 hectares depending on harvesting conditions) their operating time – compared to traditional systems – is extended many times over. Each share unit equipped with a maintenance-free linear guide adjusts up to 70 mm sideways to the row of beet.

Long hinged connecting rods minimize transverse force and improve row alignment. Lifting units are available with fixed row widths, harvesting 6, 8 or 9 rows in one run. A 6-row variable unit is also available with 45 cm and 50 cm widths.

Operation of the hydraulic stone protection
Stone protection is achieved by a hydraulic cylinder pressing from above onto the share body. This system totally eliminates incidental movement at the front of th share body where most incedents occur.

Hydraulic adjustment upwards of the share beam
On the Joystick the depth of the shares is adjustable on the left and on the right individually or synchronously. The depth is independent adjustable to the harvester roller gear.

Hydraulic adjustment upwards of the harvester roller gear
Independent of the harvesting depth the rollers of all PRh lifting units can be adjusted hydraulically. This ensures that less earth, stones or beet leaf penetrate the machine even when harvesting comparatively deeply.

To ensure that the righthand front wheel maintains a wider distance from the next row the first four lifting rollers and the lifting unit can be moved 20 cm right or left, depending on direction, following initial lifting with the 6-row harvester (this applies only to row widths of 45 cm a/o 50 cm).

The 5th and 6th lifting rollers do not adjust. By this arrangement optimal quick conveyance of the beet onto the infeed conveyer is ensured. Two short, overlapping lifting rollers, right and left at the rear of the unit, ensure that under heavy soil conditions optimal conveying and cleaning is achieved. Lifting units of the PR-XL series have a 7th roller and cannot be adjusted. The speed of the four front rollers is continuously adjustable to optimize cleaning.

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