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The Euro Maus 3.

A reliable, practical and economical cleaning machine.

The Maus brings a whole new dimension to sugar beet loading and cleaning.

The euro-Maus is a selfpropelled machine for cleaning and loading of sugar beets, from the clamp at the edge of field, onto a truck on the road. With the euro-Maus sugar beets can be cleaned and loaded efficiently up to 435 tons per hour.

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The Maus 28 foot wide cleaning mechanism incorporates 18 endless screw rollers, divided into two parts. This arrangement of the lifting and cleaning mechanism provides many advantages.

• Beets are distributed evenly between both parts of the lifting system.
• The extended load path results in an exceptional cleaning process.
• The soil, tops and leaves are distributed over the whole width during the lifting and cleaning process.
• 8 reversible rollers ensure a powerful cleaning effect.

The Maus is no slouch either when it comes to changing from transport mode to work mode. Just a mere 2 minutes is all it takes

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